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We want to be your trusted medical information resource -- to educate and better help you navigate your health inquiries. is a medical symptoms checker that uses comprehensive questionnaires called infoMEDs, to provide you with personalized health information specific to you and your symptoms, in a private and efficient manner.

The infoMEDs cover a range of specific symptoms, diseases and treatments (surgical and non-surgical). They are programmed to ask specific questions that are structured based on your previous answers. The output is a customized response with selected references. It is not intended as medical advice. Only a qualified physician can provide that.

No medical information is stored by; neither your responses to the questions nor the answers that are generated. Additionally, no information is sold or released to other parties. Nonetheless, infoMEDs allow you to skip any questions that you may believe are too sensitive to answer.

Our Philosophy was born from a vision to supply accurate medical information with a personalized focus and conservative philosophy.

We believe that the onslaught of direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical marketing and a pro-surgery trend has resulted in an overmedicated society and many unnecessary surgical procedures. We take a medically conservative and practical approach to the symptoms, diseases and treatment options covered in the content of this site. The result is solid, honest information and references that help guide the user with their health inquires.

With 30 years of medical expertise, we want to be your first step when seeking medical information online.

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